About EIRP

Our Mission

Energy Innovation Reform Project is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting policies that advance innovation in energy technologies and practices to improve the affordability, reliability, safety and security of American energy supplies and our energy economy.

Our History

Energy Innovation Reform Project (EIRP) was founded in Washington, DC in 2013 and has expanded its programs and outreach steadily since that time. EIRP has combined ground-breaking scholarly research and economic modeling with creative efforts to bridge partisan differences over energy policy in developing policies to facilitate innovation, both within the federal government’s research programs and in the private sector. We also work to improve international research collaboration, especially with U.S. allies.

Our Work

EIRP advocates for public policies and private initiatives that promote continuous innovation in advanced energy technologies, including research, development and commercialization. We focus on strategically significant technologies that can compete in global energy markets without long-term government subsidies.

We seek to cooperate with political leaders, energy companies, non-governmental organizations, and academic and policy experts to reorganize the nation’s public research institutions and to reform federal and state energy policies and regulations to promote research, development and commercialization of advanced energy technologies.

We support public-private partnerships to facilitate potentially transformative long-term technology development that neither government nor private enterprise can pursue alone. To achieve this, we advocate for fiscally responsible market-based approaches.

The United States and the world have already experienced the industrial revolution, the communications revolution, and the information revolution. We are at the leading edge of an energy revolution that could have a dramatic and lasting positive impact on our security, prosperity and competitiveness. EIRP seeks to ensure that America has necessary policies in place to seize this opportunity.

Our Team

Samuel Thernstrom

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Paul J. Saunders

Senior Advisor

Board of Directors

Joseph Chaisson
Paula J. Dobriansky
Steven F. Hayward
Roger R. Martella, Jr.
Paul J. Saunders
Samuel Thernstrom

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EIRP offers part-time volunteer internships in the spring (January-May), summer (May/June-September), and fall (September-December). Internships are research-oriented and include opportunities for independent work. We accept applications on a rolling basis. To apply, please send a cover letter, resume, and short writing sample to . For further information, please contact us.

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