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Clean Energy Policy

EIRP’s clean energy policy program is developing practical and consensus-based federal policies to advance clean, safe, affordable, and reliable energy and to promote energy innovation. We engage actively with power sector stakeholders and work to educate executive and legislative branch officials.

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American Energy Systems

Policy solutions for America’s energy and electricity systems require consideration of complex and interrelated factors including economics, investment, land use, and technology, among others. Our American Energy Systems program conducts high-quality research and programs to understand and explain these issues.

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New Energy Geopolitics

Energy and geopolitics have long influenced one another. Today’s efforts to advance a global energy transition overlay new energy technologies and new supply chains on America’s existing economic and strategic energy challenges. EIRP’s New Energy Geopolitics program incorporates research and international dialogue, especially with U.S. allies and partners in the Indo-Pacific region and in Europe.

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Advanced Nuclear Energy

Emerging nuclear power technologies hold considerable promise as a leading source of tomorrow’s clean electricity. EIRP’s research and programming works to address key policy challenges and to accelerate research, development, demonstration, and deployment of nuclear energy.

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