Video Panel – China’s EV Battery Dominance

Video Panel – China’s EV Battery Dominance

Electric vehicles, the Inflation Reduction Act, and U.S.-South Korea cooperation in battery supply chains

On May 29, 2024, Energy Innovation Reform Project sponsored an online discussion of China’s dominant position in electric vehicle battery markets and opportunities for U.S.-South Korea cooperation. EIRP senior advisor Paul Saunders moderated the session, which included remarks by the University of Georgia’s David Gattie and Hanyang University’s Younkyoo Kim. Each of the speakers has contributed working papers to EIRP’s U.S.-Korea Energy Series.

Read David Gattie’s paper, “China’s EV Battery Dominance: The Need for US-South Korea Cooperation,” here.

Read Younkyoo Kim’s paper, “US-China EV Battery Competition and the Role of South Korea,” here.

Paul Saunders wrote “Joe Biden’s New EV Tariffs Aren’t Enough to Save U.S. Manufacturers” in The National Interest.