Studies and Reports

EIRP Russia Energy Series – Russia’s Arctic Development

In the fourth installment of EIRP’s working paper series on Russia’s global energy role, Timur Kulakhmetov assesses Russia’s ambitious Arctic infrastructure and energy plans in the paper: “Cooling Prospects for Russia’s Arctic Development?”

EIRP Russia Energy Series – Russia’s Oil Sector

In the third Russia Energy Working Paper installment of EIRP’s working paper series on Russia’s global energy role, oil analyst Sergey Vakulenko looks ahead at Russia’s oil sector under enduring Western sanctions.

EIRP Russia Energy Series – Rosatom: A Difficult Target

In the first installment in a new EIRP working paper series on Russian Energy, Alexandra Prokopenko, a Visiting Fellow at the German Council on Foreign Relations and Non-Resident Scholar at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, assesses Russian nuclear energy monopoly Rosatom’s international activity in the wake of Russia’s war in Ukraine and U.S. and allied efforts to apply economic pressure through sanctions.

Toward an Indo-Pacific Clean Energy Framework

In a new EIRP report, Paul J. Saunders and former EIRP Research Assistant Amelia K. Gilchrist assess opportunities for the United States to build and strengthen regional frameworks in the Indo-Pacific to accelerate clean energy deployment.

Advancing American Energy and Innovation in the Indo-Pacific Region

EIRP’s high-level bipartisan Task Force on U.S. Indo-Pacific Energy Strategy produced this comprehensive assessment of the intersection between the ongoing global energy transition and intensifying geopolitical and geoeconomic competition in the strategically important Indo-Pacific region.