Studies and Reports

Advancing American Energy and Innovation in the Indo-Pacific Region

EIRP’s high-level bipartisan Task Force on U.S. Indo-Pacific Energy Strategy produced this comprehensive assessment of the intersection between the ongoing global energy transition and intensifying geopolitical and geoeconomic competition in the strategically important Indo-Pacific region.

A Cost Assessment of Advanced Nuclear Power

On July 25, 2017, the Nuclear Energy Institute organized a panel discussion to review findings of an EIRP report assessing the costs of advanced nuclear power plants. EIRP prepared the report in cooperation with the Energy Options Network.

What Will Advanced Nuclear Power Plants Cost?

EIRP worked with the Energy Options Network to survey eight leading advanced nuclear power companies about their projected capital costs, operating costs, and electricity costs for advanced nuclear energy. What we found can help both policymakers and investors assessing the promise of advanced reactor designs.

Deep Decarbonization Literature Review

MIT scholar Jesse Jenkins and EIRP executive director Samuel Thernstrom review thirty scientific studies on deep decarbonization in this large-scale assessment of the state of existing research. The paper also incorporates conclusions from previous reviews covering another twenty-one studies and a paper comparing 18 economic models of decarbonization.

Renewables and Decarbonization: A Comparative Study

An analysis of electricity systems in Germany, California and Wisconsin finds that balanced portfolios made up of zero- and low-carbon baseload resources, as well as wind and solar, are the most cost effective means of producing electricity and reducing carbon emissions.

The Future of Nuclear Power

On January 13, 2016, EIRP organized a two-part seminar on the Future of Nuclear Power in cooperation with the Center for the National Interest.

Samuel Thernstrom moderated the event’s two panels. First was a discussion of New Nuclear Technologies with Dr. Jacob DeWitte, CEO and Founder of UPower Technologies, Inc. and Dr. Ashley Finian, Senior Project Manager for Energy Innovation at Clean Air Task Force. Following this, John Kotek, Acting Assistant Secretary of Energy for Nuclear Energy (in the Obama Administration) and David Garman, a former Under Secretary of Energy in the George W. Bush Administration, presented their perspectives on the Obama Administration’s approach to nuclear power.