Advanced Nuclear Energy

Reuters Cites EIRP’s Advanced Nuclear Cost Study

Writing for Bloomberg, Samuel Thernstrom and David Garman outline a reform agenda for the Department of Energy to move the department beyond the Solyndra scandal and the troubled loan guarantee program by refocusing its work on basic and pre-commercial research into key energy technologies.

Thernstrom discusses nuclear capacity factors

Thernstrom discusses nuclear capacity factors

EIRP CEO Samuel Thernstrom discussed the capacity benefits of nuclear power in the article “Thought leaders on nuclear capacity factors,” which appeared in the May 2020 issue of the American Nuclear Society’s publication Nuclear News. To read his and other contributions, follow this link.

Inside Philanthropy Quotes EIRP CEO Nuclear Policy Funding

Inside Philanthropy Quotes EIRP CEO Nuclear Policy Funding

Inside Philanthropy quotes EIRP Samuel Thernstrom in a major article on foundations funding nuclear work. Thernstrom encourages foundations funding nuclear energy policy research to take a technologically neutral approach.

Saunders urges energy innovation to sustain U.S. global leadership

Writing for the prominent foreign policy magazine The National Interest, EIRP President Paul J. Saunders argues that energy innovation can contribute importantly to U.S. economic competitiveness and to America’s global leadership, especially in an era of growing great power competition with China.

Nuclear Energy and Nuclear Weapons

On October 17, 2017, EIRP and the Center for the National Interest organized a panel discussion of nuclear energy and nuclear weapons in the twenty-first century.

Thernstrom Discusses Advanced Nuclear Study

Executive director Samuel Thernstrom talked to R & D Magazine reporter Kenny Walter about a 2017 EIRP study of the costs of advanced nuclear power plants in an in-depth interview.

A Cost Assessment of Advanced Nuclear Power

On July 25, 2017, the Nuclear Energy Institute organized a panel discussion to review findings of an EIRP report assessing the costs of advanced nuclear power plants. EIRP prepared the report in cooperation with the Energy Options Network.