EIRP’s Paul Saunders Assesses Russia’s Global Energy Role in The Washington Times

In The Washington Times, EIRP Senior Advisor Paul Saunders, who is also President of the Center for the National Interest, argues that after decades of concern over Europe’s energy dependence on Russia, Washington would do well to turn its attention to Moscow’s new energy partners, including not only its oil and gas customers, but also the governments seeking Russian help to develop nuclear energy and to develop energy-related mining projects.

EIRP Russia Energy Series – Energy Exports to China and India

In the seventh and final paper in EIRP’s Russia Energy Series, independent energy analyst Timur Kulakhmetov assesses Russia’s oil and natural gas exports to China and India as well as prospects for the future. In each case, he links future export growth to Russia’s efforts to develop Arctic energy production and Russia’s Northern Sea Route.