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What will advanced nuclear power plants cost?:A Standardized Cost Analysis of Advanced Nuclear Technologies in Commercial Development. An Energy Innovation Reform Project Report prepared by the Energy Options Network

Deep Decarbonizatation of the Electric Power Sector: Insights from Recent Literature: A report by Jesse Jenkins of the MIT Energy Initiative and Samuel Thernstrom of the Energy Innovation Reform Project.

Putting Innovation First at the Energy Department: Most Americans probably assume that the Department of Energy is already focused on energy innovation; in fact, it was never properly designed for that task. What might the agency look like if advancing energy technology innovation was its mission? A summary discussion of the ideas presented in the CATF-EIRP report, Putting Energy Innovation First.

Putting Energy Innovation First: Recommendations to Refocus, Reform, and Restructure the U.S. Department of Energy: A report by EIRP and Clean Air Task Force recommends more than 20 ways to reform, restructure, and refocus the Department of Energy to make the agency an effective institution of innovation.

Court The Right: Thernstrom and Garman outline a reform agenda for the Department of Energy to move the department beyond Solyndra and the troubled loan guarantee program by refocusing its work on basic and pre-commercial research into key energy technologies. There could also be bipartisan support for an innovation agenda that includes enhanced oil recovery, advanced nuclear, energy subsidy reform, and reform of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

Europe’s Renewable Romance Fades: Clean energy powered by renewable resources is understandably attractive. But the honeymoon with renewables is ending for some as the practical challenges become clear. Engaging with the practicalities of renewables policies and their unintended consequences is essential if we want wind and solar to find their place in America’s energy economy.

Media Appearances and Mentions

Sam Thernstrom appears on MSNBC’s All In With Chris Hayes to discuss how an innovation-centric approach could bridge the partisan divide over climate policy.

David Garman appears on E&ETV’s OnPoint with Monica Trauzzi to discuss the CATF-EIRP report on reforming the Department of Energy, Putting Innovation First.

Reihan Salam calls Putting Energy Innovation First a “natural fit for reform-minded Republicans, who are wary of command-and-control regulation and big spending increases, yet who recognize that government can play a constructive role in energy innovation.”

Reihan Salam reviews options for climate policy, calling EIRP’s approach “modest, yet well conceived,” and a welcome alternative to carbon pricing efforts.

Reihan Salam commends EIRP’s ideas for reform of the Department of Energy, and notes “the most attractive aspect of Thernstrom’s energy innovation reform agenda is that it doesn’t require a new infusion of funds.”

Citing Thernstrom and Garman’s piece in the Wall Street Journal, Reihan Salam notes costly European energy policy measures identify opportunities for reform in the United States.

Mona Charen calls EIRP’s recommendations to reform the Department of Energy as sensible and helpful, and highlights the opportunities to drive innovation in carbon capture and sequestration technologies through enhanced oil recovery.